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Visit The JCK Las Vegas Diamond Show And Make Some Contacts

June 13, 2014

People in this world who are privileged enough to enjoy the finer things in life can afford to have discriminating taste. Even the finest things though, have varying degrees of quality and if you truly have discriminating taste, you’ll seek out perfection in everything you buy. Everyone has their own opinion about what they believe is elite and the diamond industry is no different. Many different authorities exist on the matter, but some have better, more respectable reputations than others. Like any company that works hard to build a brand that is synonymous with quality and prestige, diamond grading institutes have been doing it for years as well. The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) is considered the world’s foremost authority on diamonds and other precious stones. A GIA certified diamondGIA certified diamond carries a very reputable and reliable connotation. They examine and grade diamonds based on what they’ve dubbed, “The Four C’s” and the rest of the industry has followed suit. The cut, clarity, color and carat of a diamond all play a part in what the overall diamond is worth. Quality diamonds can be diminished by a poor cut and often, the carat of the diamond can be determined by the fashioner. The clarity and color of a diamond however, cannot be controlled so to a certain degree, a diamond is what it is. Hopefully whoever discovers and mines the diamonds gets them to quality diamond cutters and polishers so they don’t ruin a good thing.

The majority of this kind of work occurs within the country of India, which is also believed to be where diamonds were originally discovered over a thousand years ago. In 2003, a census taken within the industry found that over 90% of the diamonds mined in the world made their way through India to be cut and polished before they were sold to a buyer who purchases wholesale diamonds. The only way to make money in this business, like a lot of others as well, is to buy product at a wholesale price so there’s room to turn a profit in the retail market. It’s a business where who you know and the business contacts you have mean more than the amount of money you have to buy with. Because, it doesn’t matter how much purchasing power you’ve got if you don’t have access to quality stones. The JCK Las Vegas diamond show is a decent place to go and see what’s happening with new designs and perhaps make some valuable contacts. In the diamond business, it’s all about getting the best quality diamonds at the lowest possible price. This allows for some middlemen to take advantage of their contacts somewhere between the wholesaler and the retailer. There’s no such thing as buying direct in the diamond industry unless you’re willing to break laws, be in direct defiance of trade embargoes and risk your life dealing with some unpredictable, unsavory types in the black market. I would’t recommend risking your life, so I’d stay wherever you are and just save your money for the time you need a perfect diamond.

A GIA Certified Diamond Could Pay The Bills When Paper Currency No Longer Can

June 1, 2014

How much do you know about diamonds? It’s an important question, when the stuff hits the fan, the global financial system collapses and it’s all out helter skelter out there, we’ll be back to the barter system. Gold, guns, ammo, diamonds and other precious stones are going to serve as powerful forms of currency, because there may come a time when no form of paper currency is worth anything. These kinds of collapses have happened many times in the financial history of man and are bound to happen again at some point. Precious metals will always have value because of their physical properties, even in a world without violence and guns, that’s why doing your research now might be a good idea. There’s only so much you can do to understand something before you’re able to pick it up and hold it inside your own hands. With diamonds, until you get them under a microscope, you can only assume so much based on what you can see with just your eyes. A GIA certified diamondGIA certified diamond comes from the Gemology Institute of America, there are many other diamond authorities like it, but none are quite as known or reputable. Part of the reason for this is because they coined the “Four C’s” in the diamond industry. The Four C’s are the criteria that diamonds are judged and graded by and any authority who performs such task, either puts their stamp of approval on it or not. They asses their own grades based on the diamond’s cut, clarity, color and carat.

If you know enough about diamonds that you understand that a diamond’s carat doesn’t have anything to do with a vegetable, then I think you’re gonna be ok. As most of us know, the carat of a diamond refers to it’s size and it’s obvious how this particular aspect can factor into a diamond’s worth. The cut of a diamond is fairly self-explainable; if it’s cut with the idea and understanding that maximizing a particular stone’s strengths and size, while including as little imperfections as possible is the goal, then they get it. A poor cut can actually be detrimental in more than one way if the entire stone isn’t analyzed and cut with some logical sense. Loose diamonds, in their raw form are imperfect and have different levels of clarity and varying degrees of color. Stones are cut down into many different little diamonds, depending on their natural clarity and color characteristics. It might sound odd, but diamonds come in many different colors and the most sought after are the rarest. Blue and red diamonds are the most difficult to find, so the biggest, most perfectly cut red or blue diamond with the best possible clarity is the most valuable diamond in the world. Whether it’s GIA certified diamond or a GLE certified diamond from the Gemologist Laboratory of Europe, a perfect diamond is a perfect diamond. There is a slightly subjective nature of the grading process, but the standards are fairly clear industry-wide.

Loose diamonds go through a long process to get to the beauty you expect

May 29, 2014

When you are out looking for a diamond ring either for an upcoming engagement, anniversary or just because, you might not be aware of the amount of steps that the diamond goes through from when it comes out of the ground all the way to the diamond store. It is something that most people do not think about but it can be a rather interesting process.

First of all, most of the diamonds that are extracted from the ground never see the fancy showcase of a jewelry store. Most diamonds are not big, clear or beautiful enough to even be considered for some woman’s finger. Instead all of these diamonds are used for machinery where the diamonds are utilized for their strength. The small percentage of diamonds that make the initial cut go from the mines to the first wholesale diamond seller who buys all of the raw diamonds and goes through them to find the loose diamonds that can be cut and polished to make decent or high grade diamond jewelry. It is at this facility where diamonds first start to take the appearance of what many of us think of when we think about diamonds. This process first will cut down the diamonds so that they are easier to work with and then the diamond goes through a long process of being cut and polished again and again until it has reached the satisfaction of the first loose diamond buyer. From there the diamonds are sold to a sales chain which will sometimes do more cutting and polishing to get the wholesale diamonds to a look and shine that the store finds worthy of their standard of jewelry. From there the loose diamonds can be picked out by the final customers and then be put into rings, necklaces or any other type of jewelry. If the loose diamonds fit a certain need they might also be used by the jewelry shop to help complete a certain idea that they have wanted to work on or finish.

loose diamonds The very best of the best diamonds might be further sent off to be sold in a place that they could get the most money such as the JCK Las Vegas diamond show. This is really getting down into the tiniest of fractions though. Bringing a diamond through the process of how it looks when it is mined from the ground to how it looks either on a piece of jewelry or at the JCK Las Vegas trade fair is a long and complex process that only a small minority of the loose diamonds make it through.

These are all things that most people do not think about when they are browsing the showcases at their local jewelry store but all of these steps are important to make the diamonds you are looking at as unique and as beautiful as they are. Without the strict selection process that all of these loose diamonds go through, the kinds of diamonds you might be purchasing might be a lot different, if you were even buying diamonds at all.

Loose diamonds are the best way to get the most out of your money

May 1, 2014

A lot of the time coming up with something that is truly creative and meaningful is quite a bit of extra work in comparison to finding something easy and premade. Sometimes it is ok to go and find something at the store that will get the job done but when it comes to engagement rings it is worth it to go all of the way and put in the extra effort to make sure that she has something that she will love for the rest of your lives together. I know that most men find it incredibly difficult to put that kind of creativity into a ring, it is after all rather outside their normal responsibilities but if you decide to put in the effort it will certainly be worth it in the end.

The best way to go about designing or creating a ring that will be really special is by starting with the most basic aspect, the stone. Some women are against the idea of diamonds but some women would be appalled if their engagement ring didn’t have diamonds so this is something that you are going to have to figure out early on. Once you figure out the kind of stone that she wants, you can easily move on to figuring out the best way to get a quality stone without having to fork over half of your life savings for it. If you are going for diamonds one of the best ways to try and save a bunch of money is to buy a loose diamond instead of something that is already set. It seems a little bit silly how much of a difference having a set or loose diamond effects how much you will pay for the same stone but that is the way that the diamond industry works.
loose diamonds One thing that I really like about being able to choose from a number of loose diamonds rather than picking out a set ring is that when you look at loose diamonds you can really judge a diamond by its own qualities. If you look at a ring it is hard not to take into consideration the look and presentation of the ring as a whole. This can in a way trick you into buying a lesser quality diamond just because you like the look of the total ring. When looking through a bunch of loose diamonds though you can compare diamonds side to side and not have to give a second thought to if you are judging the diamond by its own qualities or if the ring as a whole is distracting you.

Once you have picked out your loose diamond you can begin to think about the rest of the factors like if you want silver, platinum, gold or white gold to be used for the band. Then all that is left is coming up with the design, which is the most exciting but also most difficult part but there are professionals who can help with that part.

Should I purchase a EGL certified diamond?

April 24, 2014

Purchasing a certified diamond that is not a GIA certified diamond does not necessarily mean that it is not properly certified. Many certificates are issued and are trusted by diamond dealers throughout the world. The important thing to understand is that how they grade diamonds can sometimes be a little bit different. Once you understand the differences in the grading as long as you have a certified diamond it is much better than not having one that is certified. Just because you have a different certification then the GIA certified diamonds it doesn’t mean that you have a less valuable diamond. All it means is that whoever graded it was from a different standard from the GIA certified diamonds Institute. Many other certified diamonds are just as trusted as GIA.  You have a diamond that is from in certification that is not of this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad diamond. It just means that it was graded differently. Understanding how they can be graded differently is a big part of ensuring that you get exactly what you want. Certifications are very important because they define what the color cut and clarity of the diamond are. That allows many people to have confidence in their purchases. They can know exactly what they got for their money. It can be a good idea to shop around and compare when looking for a diamond but if you come across ones that are not certified there is too much risk involved to be able to try to save a few bucks without one. egl certified diamondsGIA certified diamonds mean a lot to a lot of people. They provide a lot of background knowledge when it comes to ensuring that you are getting exactly what you want in your purchase. Don’t fall victim to risky transfers when it is not necessary. GIA certified diamonds are well-known and recognizes being one of the topknots institutions in United States. When it comes time to purchase and make the final decision about what you want in your diamond understanding how it all works and comes together is one the most crucial points to getting it right.  Just because your certification may not B a GIA certified diamond it doesn’t mean that you should get rid of it. Many of these can still be trusted sources of information.  Can you can trust these certified diamonds but knowing that there can be a difference between how way GIA certified diamond is rated and how a HRD certified diamond is rated is an important part of making the right informed decision about your purchase. Having color cut and clarity understanding is all part of the process. Being able to have the right diamond comes down to having all the right information about it.  You don’t want to go into buying a diamond not knowing what you’re looking for.  Do your homework before you purchase a  loose diamond because a diamond is no small purchase and you don’t want to regret what you have bought nor do you want to have a bad experience buying a diamond.

Sales stream for loose diamonds

March 31, 2014

Around the world today there are multitudes of diamond mines, all producing the raw diamond that will eventually become a piece of sparkly and beautiful jewelry.  There is a hand full of companies that own and control these diamond mines, and they are the ones who control the amount of product that is mined from the ground and eventually sold. After the diamonds are mined from the ground, they being their entry into the sales stream that eventually ends with the final end customer.  They are originally either taken by the company that owns the mine for processing, or are sold as raw diamonds at wholesale for another company to then process them into the form that we all recognize today as a diamond.  These loose diamonds are shipped to a facility where they begin to be transformed into the stone that we know of as a diamond. First, they are cut down to smaller sizes that make they easier to work with and to maintain. The diamond is polished, and cut, and polished and cut, over and over again until the clarity can be confirmed and the majority of the defects have been removed from it. The cuts and the polishing work to make the diamond into a sparkling and shiny object that looks more like the diamonds we are used to than what originally comes out of the ground.  After this process takes place, the diamond is often sold down the sales chain, to the next customer who will most likely cut and polish again before it is mounted into a piece of jewelry. This jewelry is often then sold again, as wholesale diamonds, to the next customer in the sales stream. If the diamonds have not yet been mounted onto jewelry pieces, then they are often sold in bulk as loose diamonds. Eventually, loose diamonds do make their way to the end of the sales stream where final customers are able to purchase them, but this is still a very small minority of the diamonds that are processed. The majority of the customers who are looking to buy diamonds, wholesale diamonds or not, are often wanting those diamonds to be complete and mounted in jewelry when they purchase them. So the next step in the sales stream is the mounted jewelry is sold at wholesale to those who will then turn around and sell it to the final jewelry stores. At this point, it has made its way from a rock that was mined in a diamond mine, down to the point where it is finished, polished, shiny and put into jewelry that will be sold to the end use customer. The customer then, will often wear the diamond for years and eventually may even pass it on after their death.  So the final retail customer is not necessarily the end of the chain for that particular diamond, but they are the end of the commercial line for that diamond. Anything after that is an after market that is not a part of the original wholesale sales stream.

loose diamonds

Wholesale Diamonds are Available for the Lowest Possible Prices.

February 25, 2014

Wholesale diamondsEver since ancient times, human beings have found diamonds utterly fascinating.  This is because they are extraordinarily hard, they are very visually-pleasing, and they are extremely rare.  Today, diamonds are mined from the Earth both for jewelry purposes and industrial purposes.  Because industrial diamonds do not need to be as pretty, the standards for industrial diamonds are much lower.  After all, they are only needed for their hardness, not for their beauty.  That is why the majority of diamonds end up being used in industrial equipment.  The diamonds that are good enough to be jewelry are cut and polished, so they look as good as possible.  A wholesale distributor then sells them to retailers and other distributors.  Wholesale diamonds are available for the lowest possible prices because they are straight from the source.  Plus, you get a better selection that way.  When it comes to wholesale diamonds, the more you get, the cheaper they are.  However, many of these distributors will also sell individual diamonds to private buyers.  If you are serious about finding the best possible diamond for an engagement ring or anything else, you should go to a wholesale distributor.  You will be able to get the largest selection and will be able to get the best price.  When shopping for diamonds, though, it is important to know what to look for.  Because there is so much variation among diamonds, they are graded based on various factors.  There are four main categories on which loose diamonds are graded.  The first of these categories is the carat of the diamond, which is tantamount to its weight.  Obviously, bigger diamonds are worth more than smaller ones.  The second category by which they are graded is clarity.  Clarity refers to the level of imperfection present in the diamond.  Many imperfections means that the diamond has low clarity.  Obviously, the diamonds with the least imperfections are worth the most.  The third category by which they are graded is the color of the diamond.  The diamonds given the highest grades are the ones with the least amount of coloration, and the diamonds with much coloration are given lower grades.  The fourth category by which diamonds are graded is the cut.  The cut is important because it is, essentially, the shape of the diamond.  A diamond that has been cut very well will receive a high grade.  All diamonds are graded on these four categories by one or more of the several gemological institutions.  These institutions are responsible for grading diamonds on the same criteria, but they sometimes disagree.  Some avid diamond aficionados really prefer diamonds that have been certified by the GIA.  The reason GIA certified diamonds are so sought after is the fact that the GIA tends to grade the most strictly.  This translates to higher standards.  Although, in many cases, you can get an excellent diamond that is certified by one of the other institutions for even less.  Two other major gemological institutions are the EGL and the HRD.  Many distributors have diamonds certified by all three.

The Diamond Reserve is staffed with the most honest jewelers I have ever met

January 31, 2014

engagement rings It’s been a long time coming, but I think that I am finally prepared to pop the question to my girlfriend. We have been together for over 5 years, and I was pretty sure early on that this was the woman that I wanted to spend my life with, but I’ve been holding back on making the leap to tie the knot. I guess my reasoning for being hesitant about finally going through with this is that I like to be more than 100 percent sure about something like this before I make such a huge, life changing decision. The reason I finally made up my mind that this was the best decision I could make was due to the fact that we have been through some really big high points and some real lows in our relationship, and it has survived all the transformations that come with time. Now that I’m certain that I want to marry this woman, I have begun looking at engagement rings at the local jewelers in my area. I checked out some of the bigger stores that I have heard about in radio ads, and I have to say I have thus far been quite disappointed. I feel like they didn’t want to take the time to help me make up my mind on a ring, they seemed like they just wanted to sell as quickly as possible and then go on to the next customer.

Since the larger stores were a bust, I decided to look around at some of the less advertised jewelers. I think that I finally found the kind of diamond dealers I want to do business with in a company known as The Diamond Reserve. The reason I think this is the right place for me is due to their unique take on the diamond business. Unlike other jewelry stores, The Diamond Reserve doesn’t spend a lot of money on advertising, nor do they operate an open showroom like most large jewelry chains. The result of not spending a lot on advertising is the passing of savings to their customers. While some might consider it risky to not advertise, this jeweler believes that the quality of their services will generate its own advertising through word of mouth. The reason that they don’t have an open showroom is that they operate by appointment only. This policy makes it so you will get the full attention you need as you go through the lengthy process of picking out the perfect loose diamond and ring to set it in. You don’t have to worry that you will be moved aside while a sales person goes off to see if they can get a bigger sell to another potential customer who is in the store at the same time as you. This focus on one on one appointments and individual attention to clients has helped reassure me that I will be able to find exactly what I am looking for and I won’t feel pressured to simply buy whatever they recommend to me.

MID House of Diamonds sells wholesale diamonds

January 30, 2014

loose diamonds Lately I have been contemplating getting involved in the diamond business. It seems like a lucrative business, as people are always going to want diamonds for all sorts of occasions, such as for weddings, anniversaries, and random gifts. There is no other stone that is quite as popular as diamonds, and this seems to be a trend that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. First thing I will need to do is set up a shop. I think that the best locations for such a store would be in a mall or perhaps in a busy shopping district near a more affluent neighborhood. After setting up shop, I’m going to need to find the best dealers and sellers of diamonds so I can stock up on loose diamonds of a variety of different qualities. One such diamond manufacturer that I have heard many good things about is a company known as MID House of Diamonds. There are a multitude of reasons for why I would give this particular company my business.

First of all the family that owns and operates this company has been in the diamond business for over 50 years. When dealing with such an important and pricey product, I think it is absolutely vital that you work with people who have the most experience possible. Another big reason is that they operate all over the world in such locations as Israel, Belgium, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and London. This gives me the sense that they have access to wholesale diamonds from all over the world and thus have access to the highest quality diamonds possible. I’ve decided to contact this group to learn more about how to make my diamond retail business work, and the experience couldn’t be more pleasant.

When I talked to a representative for this company, there was a great deal of education about diamonds that he passed on to me. He told me all about the four C’s that are involved in the grading of diamonds. These quality measures include color, cut, clarity, and carat. The color is an obvious quality, and diamonds can come in all sorts of different hues. Cut refers to the shape of the diamond, some of the more popular cuts are solitaire, round, pear, and marquis. The cut can also have a significant impact on the brilliance of the diamond. Clarity refers to the clearness of the diamond; a diamond that is not cloudy and lacks any kind of surface imperfections is generally graded better. Finally there is carat, which refers to the weight of the diamond. Since diamonds are often such a small object, they are weighed differently than most things. After talking at length with this company, I have decided to take a look at their selection at the next JCK Las Vegas diamond showroom convention. It’s important to actually look at the diamonds in person so you can judge for yourself what the quality is, and I intend to do just that on this trip.

MID House of Diamonds has great deals on wholesale diamonds

January 28, 2014

loose diamonds I’ve been with my girlfriend for over 5 years now and I have finally come to the conclusion that I would like to tie our lives together in the institution of marriage. My friends have been asking me for years about when I am finally going to marry her, but I think this is a decision that one should definitely take their time on. A lot of people think that waiting for a long time can make it less romantic, but I feel that it is more important to wait a while to make such a decision. Divorce rates are very common for people who get married after being with someone for only a couple of years, and I don’t want to be part of that statistic. I knew that it was finally the time to make this commitment because we have been living together for 3 years and it has been a wonderful experience. There have been ups and downs, and our relationship has gone through many transformations over the years that I believe have only made it stronger. With all this in mind, I believe it is time for me to set forth on the task of finding the perfect engagement ring for my love.

When it comes to finding an engagement ring, most people go to a large jewelry chain, but I think this is a mistake. I would much rather look through a collection of loose diamonds from a wholesaler, as I will get exposure to many more varieties of diamonds of different qualities. Typical diamond retailers tend to buy a large stock of diamonds and since their goal is to get rid of them, I don’t really trust that they are going to be completely honest about the quality of each individual diamond. I fear that there is a high possibility that they might pawn off a lower quality diamond to someone like me who doesn’t know a whole lot about the qualities that make a diamond more expensive. My goal is to get in contact with a diamond broker who can show me a selection of EGL certified diamonds so I can get the most detailed report on every aspect of the diamond. With a document explaining the lab grade and quality of the diamonds that I am looking at, I will be more certain that I am getting an honest and fair assessment of what it is that I am looking at.

Once I find the perfect wholesale diamond that has the cut and clarity I am looking for, I think I will go to an independent jeweler to pick out a ring to set it in. The reason I want to do this is that I think I will be able to find a more unique ring. I would hate to simply buy a trendy ring style from a diamond retailer, because it would be a shame if the ring I pick out is common and everyone else has a similar style.

Getting the most with wholesale diamonds

December 26, 2013

My birthday is in the middle of April, which means my birthstone is the biggest, baddest (and most expensive!) one out there, you guessed it, the diamond. In a small way I am a bit unhappy about having the diamond as my birthstone because I feel that it allows no cheaper alternative when I want to get meaningful jewelry. Of course I can buy any stone I want no matter when my birthday is but I like the idea of birthstones and wish I could even have the possibility of mixing it with loose diamonds in a piece of jewelry. Having a bunch of diamonds thrown together, while beautiful, it doesn’t have that pretty contrasted look I like. If I was born just a little bit later I could have gotten the ruby for a birthstone. Or having a birthday a little before in February would be super cool as well since they have amethyst, which is purple, my favorite color. Either one of those birthstones would have been pretty cool. I really love the deep red rubies and they look absolutely stunning with either normal or black wholesale diamonds.

On the other hand I guess I should be happy that I at least have a beautiful birthstone. I hate to be such a downer or offend anyone who has any of these birthstones, but I have never really been much of a fan of the pearl or the topaz. My sister’s birthstone is the pearl and she always complains about feeling like an old woman when she gets any pearl gifts.

Loose DiamondsWhile it is frustrating to have the most expensive stone as my birthstone, at least there are a multitude of diamond wholesalers out there that offer decent prices for diamonds. A few times, either buying diamond jewelry for myself or as a gift, I have just bought loose diamonds and then taken it to a jewelry designer that I like and had them put together a piece for me. I feel that this way, I get more power in the decision making process. I can pick whatever diamond I want out of a pile of loose diamonds so I know I am getting the best diamond available for what I am looking for. Also because they are wholesale diamonds, I feel less bad about having jewelry that is only diamonds rather than a mix of diamonds and whatever other birthstone or favorite stone I could have had if only I was born in a different month. My husband has even started to notice what I do and has taken a similar process for himself. Well, by for himself I mean he does it for me. He obviously isn’t as good as designing jewelry or having a general vision for pretty things like I am but he found the name of my diamond consultant here in town so I get the feeling that the two of them have been collaborating a bit on designing new, beautiful things for me. I for sure am not going to complain. Even if they are wholesale diamonds I am still getting a lot of diamond jewelry now.


Getting the best out of loose diamonds

December 11, 2013

Buying a diamond can be a big and daunting process for any buyer. There are a number of options all of which only get more and more confusing as they go. Whenever making a big purchase such as a diamond it is important that you consult with a professional whenever possible so you have someone on your side looking out for your best interests both financially and for the quality of your diamond. There are a number of organizations both in the United States such as the AGS (American Gem Society) or the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or international organizations such as the EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) who offer certificates to show the quality of the diamond based on the popular 4 Cs of diamonds- diamond color, diamond cut, diamond clarity, and diamond carat weight. After the proper analysis procedure has been completed, the lab will usually issue a certificate to certify the diamond’s characteristics and quality. Not every organization will automatically print the certificate however. If they don’t it means that the process will usually be less expensive but it also means that you will have no proof of the quality of your diamond. It is also important however to research over which certification process your diamond has undergone because every organization has their own set of standards to classify diamonds so a certain quality mark from one organization could mean something totally different than that same mark by another organization. In most cases, EGL certification is known for having remarkably low standards compared to the other organizations so many jewelers recommend taking an EGL certification and then bringing it down approximately two points to arrive at what the diamond may be qualified at under American standards. This of course is no guarantee, only a loose guide. The only real way to know is to get it measured by both standards.

If it is possible to find wholesale diamonds with the proper certification it is the best possible outcome. If you find a trustworthy wholesale jewelry seller that has quality, certified diamonds you have hit the diamond jackpot. This is the best way to purchase jewelry because wholesale jewelers get their gems and diamonds directly from the manufacturer, which means they are normally a bit cheaper than alternatives. Wholesale diamond retailers can offer you a great deal that will probably be better than anything you can find in a typical jewelry store. There will still be a mark up with wholesale dealers but it won’t be as bad as the 100%-200% mark up common in typical jewelry stores. To find a good wholesale diamond dealer, it is always a good idea to start by asking friends and family that you trust if they know anyone who got them a great deal.  If that doesn’t come up with any results the Internet can be a decent way to find information, just make sure that what you are reading is credible, you would be surprised at how often it isn’t.

Loose DiamondsAnother way to make sure you are getting the best diamond for your money is to look into loose diamonds. By picking a diamond without the fancy setting you can really appreciate it for what it is itself rather than being distracted by the pretty setting or metal which surrounds it. When we look at jewelry, we often try to look just at one aspect of it but it is impossible for our brains to separate the information and not also add in there how beautiful the rest of the ring is as well. By looking at just the loose diamonds you can be sure that you are only really looking at the diamond.

Where Can I Purchase Wholesale Diamonds From?

November 25, 2013
Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds

I can not believe that it finally happened for us. We have been playing the lottery for so long it is amazing that we have finally won it! I have been buying the tickets for over 15 years and now my investment has finally paid off! The final prize total is upwards of twenty two million dollars and I can not be happier. My wife and I have worked so hard our entire lives and now we are being rewarded for all of our hard work. Now that we have so much money I am expecting loose diamonds all over the house because my wife loves them so much.

The first place that my wife wanted to go was the jewelry shop because she has always loved diamonds. When I say love, I mean that she loves diamonds. I do not know why she likes them so much but I think it had a lot do with her watching a lot of TV growing up and seeing all the movie stars and their jewelry. When we went into the store the first place she looked was the wholesale diamonds section. She wants to be able to have handfuls of diamonds whenever she wants. I know that it might sound a little ridiculous but she has never had hardly any money in her life and having something like that would just make her so happy. I think after we buy all these diamonds we are going to take a long trip to the Caribbean or Mexico.

Victoria Secret Reveals $10 Million Gemstone Bra

November 3, 2013

Victoria Secret announced last week that the coveted $10 million bra will be worn by South African supermodel, Candice Swanepoel in the upcoming Fashion Show.  The tradition of wearing a “fantasy bra” has actually been around since 1996 and is a mark of great pride when worn by a supermodel.  Claudia Schiffer was the first model to sport a fantasy brassiere in 1996.

The bra certainly lives up to its name, the “Royal Fantasy Bra.”  The piece was designed by Mouawad and includes a whopping 4,200 precious gems including, rubies, sapphires, and Diamonds.  It is all set into 18-karat gold.  It also includes a massive 52-carat pear shaped ruby that dangles in te center of the bra.  This is a significant step up in price from last year’s fantasy bra that was worn by Alessandra Ambrosio and cost $2.5 million.  However I is not the most expensive bra that Victoria Secret has ever used in their fashion show.  Gisele Bundchen wore the “Red Hot Fantasy Bra” that cost an amazing $20 million in 2000.  Other models who have had the honor of sporting these bras include Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr.

The Diamond Reserve is sure to be watching the runway for that brassiere.  And maybe if you have $10 million to spend on a jewel encrusted bra you’ll be looking into purchasing it.  If you need a beautiful engagement ring, earrings, or bracelet to accompany the ensemble, come visit The Diamond Reserve today or make an appointment online!

Morphsuit Covered in Diamonds For Halloween Costume

October 31, 2013

The Diamond Reserve If you are looking for a one of a kind Halloween costume you might consider trying out one of these Morphsuits that are covered in diamonds.  The costume company has been making these suits that are very tight and cover the whole body with one color.  Now the creators of this body suit are bringing what is being called the “Million Pound Morph” to the market.

The Denver Diamond Reserve is curious as to whether or not we will actually see anyone brave enough and rich enough to sport this look on Halloween this year.  The suit gets its name not from how much is weighs but by how much it cost, 1 million pounds! This gray spandex suit is the base for which thousands of tiny diamonds are painstakingly attached to.  The suit is sure to be the envy of everyone who has the chance to see this magnificent costume out and about.  Typically the suits are very reasonably priced for those who want to use them as a costume but obviously the diamond suit is an unusual and fun thing to experiment with.  The slogan behind the costume is “For when the Tuxedo Morphsuit just isn’t smart enough Morph into a million…”

The Diamond Reserve would certainly love to be able to have this one of a kind piece for sale in our showroom but unfortunately we aren’t sure too many people would have the guts to wear it.  We hope everyone is safe and has a fun Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring sold at Auction

October 24, 2013

engagement ringThe infamous ring that began one of the shortest marriages in history was that of the 20ct. engagement ring that Kris Humphries proposed to Kim Kardashian with.  The stunning ring just recently went up for auction at Christie’s in New York after a divorce battle ensued between Kris and Kim that lasted over a year and almost to the birth of Kim’s daughter North over the summer.


Finally the pair signed their divorce papers and the ring was returned to Kris who promptly turned it over to Christie’s to auction off for him.  The ring was valued at a whopping $2 million dollars which is apparently close to what Kris purchased it for.  The ring was originally listed as simply “property of a gentlemen” but Kris later confirmed rumors that the ring was indeed the Lorraine-Schwartz designed ring that he had proposed with.  The ring includes a 16.21ct emerald cut diamond center, I VS1 and has two trapezoid cut diamonds one on each side weighing approximately 1.8cts each.  It was originally estimated to sell for $300,000-$500,000 but an anonymous buyer scooped up the gem for $749,000.  It seems unsure as to whether or not the ring was purchased to simply be recut or redesigned, but The Diamond Reserve is sure that the stunning ring will soon find its way to another lady’s finger.

If you are looking for the best place Engagement Rings, Denver has only one spot, The Diamond Reserve where you can find options for all of your diamond and precious gem needs.  Call us today!

Should You Buy a Ring or a Rock?

October 10, 2013

GIA certified diamonds are like no other. You want to make sure that you are getting a fine diamond. That is the centerpiece of your wife’s wedding ring. But on the other hand, it is a wedding ring. And that ring is also quite important. So if you have to cut costs, where should you cut those costs? It is a hard question, and it is one that I do not have a particularly good answer for. This is largely in part to the fact that the answer hinges upon each person and their personal priorities. When you are buying any EGL diamonds, make sure that you are buying what you want and not what you think others expect of you. As I was saying above, it is all about your own personal preference. But just for the sake of argument, let’s tease this out a bit. On the one hand, you want to get an excellent rock. When she first gets her ring, her friends are all going to be grabbing her hand and looking over it. And they are probably not looking at the ring. They are looking at the diamond. It is the centerpiece. On the other hand, however, the ring is the part that she is going to live with. When she has to get it resized, you will wish that you invested in a good ring to make the process easy and inexpensive. You want a ring that has structural integrity. It is really a toss up.

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Diamonds Growing like Trees??

September 26, 2013

DiamondsA recently new study of diamonds has found another interesting factor that makes diamonds just a little more special.  It turns out that diamonds actually have the same age rings as most trees do.  Diamonds also, like trees take an extremely long time to grow.  They grow over millions of years and therefore are usually half the age of the earth.

So why are diamonds growing like trees you may wonder, well researchers at the VU University in Amsterdam have been studying the compositions of diamonds very closely and therefore have discovered that these rings in diamonds are much like those in trees.  Each is a layer of the highly pressurized carbon that is being pressed in extreme heat to create the diamond, but over millions of years, these carbon compresses go through several different temperature changes, soil compositions, and even environmental changes that can all alter the layer that is currently forming of the diamond.  Very similar to trees.  It is has also been shown that most diamonds were formed 1 billion years ago or 2 billion years ago, proving they take a lot of time and energy to make, but also that they were forming when the earth was going through some major changes.

The Diamond Reserve and many Denver Diamond Wholesales stores are interested in the continuing development of the science of diamonds.  I think all of us that sell diamonds are definitely interested in how we can better understand the product we sell.  The formation and construction of a diamond is so unique that is what makes each diamond one of a kind.

Loose Diamond for rings are very popular right now.

September 25, 2013

I already feel like I am starting to run out of topics regarding diamonds, but I have to push through and get like nine more of these written today to stay on target.  It is very important that I do not let these build up because otherwise I will be put into a place in which I will really struggle to get them all done and that is not something that I want to have happen right now.  I believe that diamonds, as engagement rings, are always popular and will always be popular because of how well they have marketed diamonds in the past.  I do not think that anyone would ever choose a diamond out of a bag of loose diamonds, but that does not mean that the personalization of a diamond ring does not exist.  Rather, there are quite a few ways to personalize a diamond ring and lots of people take advantage of that when they go to the jewelry store to purchase their wares.  Nonetheless, one of the things that someone should be paying attention to as they go to all of these different jewelry stores is the quality of diamonds that they are looking at.  There should be several different standards of diamonds and it is worth paying attention to the price and clarity of the diamonds from store to store based off of the standards provided by certifiers.  One example that I can think of right now and one specific store in Las Vegas, JCK, does a great job of highlighting is EGL certified diamonds.

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Trip to wholesale diamond manufacturer

September 22, 2013

I love museums. I think that they are so cool because they essentially jam pack years and years of information and history together to make simple learning for children and adults alike. This last summer I took my boyfriend to the natural history museum and it was like taking a kid to go see Santa Claus. My boyfriend received his degree in geology, so when we went through the Gem Exhibit at the museum, he almost peed his pants out of excitement.

So, I thought it would be a great idea for his Christmas present to pay for a tour at the world’s most renowned wholesale diamond manufacturer in New York. Sure, we made a trip out of it because when you are in New York, you have to see the shows and tourist attractions. But, I think his favorite part was definitely the loose diamonds manufacturer tour just outside New York City. It was a bit of a drive, but it is made him happy then that is all I needed. Hopefully, this will inspire him to look more closely into diamonds (hint hint) in a jewelry store (hint hint), but I know that it will take him a long time to figure that one out.

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So, now that I got him the best Christmas present of his life (or so he says) maybe he will take me somewhere nice like the Bahamas, or Hawaii, or somewhere warm. It was way too cold in New York for me to completely enjoy the vacation.